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Does bad spelling annoy you?
I just looked at my IQ points and the heading read: "This is a list of when and how you accummelated IQ points"

It's spelt ACCUMULATE!!!!
Supplement from 06/08/2007 02:16pm:
Further to an answer, below, does bad grammar annoy you? If so, what in particular? (I bet someone's going to point something out that I've written).

asked in spelling, english

Paul_Rook answers:

Yes but i cant help bad spelling i was failed by the education i recieved, but im getting better lol

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vultan answers:

I'm a proofreader - bad spelling is supposed to annoy me. But it doesn't really - bad grammar or syntax and basic punctuation errors are far more galling. Besides, I make loads of typos on this site, so I can't really complain about other people doing it.

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TallScotsGuy answers:

Only on job applications, websites, in adverts or in newspaper articles.

I immediately switch off when I see that and the writer loses credibility in my eyes.

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maybe.baby111 answers:

Bad spelling is a thing that can happen to anyone, esp when typing. My fingers tend to take on a mind of their own so it's not so much spelling mistakes, more carelessness.

Bad grammar is an other matter entirely, along with bad punctuation. I had it when people do not use full stops, capital letters or the appropriate punctuation. Drives me to distraction and I want to comment on that rather than answer the question.

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rasputin1309 answers:


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Timdawg answers:

The whole 'there', 'their' and 'they're' things irritate me a bit, but typos don't - as mentioned above, evetyone makes errors while typing (far more than when writing).

What really annoys me is TXT SPK, CZ PPL XPCT U 2 NO WAT THR SYNG. Then again, maybe I'm just getting old.

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imfeduptoo answers:

It annoys me but it really shouldn't.

IMHO a talent for spelling is something you are born or not born with. I was able to spell almost anything before I went to school and I don't remember anyone teaching me - I just found it easy.

I agree with vultan and maybebaby that grammatical mistakes are far more annoying.

Bad spelling does annoy me when it's on a menu. Have you ever noticed how many mistakes there are on them? You would think that there would at least be one person in the restaurant who could spell and correct the mistakes.

Supplement from 06/08/2007 03:05pm:

(On the staff in the restaurant)

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Hiheels answers:

I'm another vote for when it's on "official" things, as has been mentioned previously it's very easy to make mistakes when typing and it's not the end of the world here.
Bad grammar does, I would say, perhaps jar with me more.

Thanks, I feel better now.

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hdtg answers:

It only really annoys me when I read back my own errors.

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beeper_spryte answers:

i flagged that error months ago. grr. arg. try clicking on your opinions and seeing what it says in there ;)

most of my errors are typos, and most of the others are due to tiredness. i'll read back a piece of text and find an "it's" where there should have been an "its". *shudder* i'd have to print the entire document again if editing just one page altered the layout of the rest. i couldn't let it lie because "no-one else would notice", that's not good enough.

bad spelling is annoying. pig-ignorant spelling is heinously bad, people should be able to come out of school with the ability to spell, for crying out loud!!! what are we paying these educators FOR?!

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Alba726 answers:

If someone is dyslexic, then that's not their fault, but bad spelling and grammar do annoy me. Grammar in particular. Though, I don't mind using "text speak" on text messages, and other people using it, as long as it's only changing things like: u, r, 4, 2, etc, because it allows you to say more in your message. I hate it when people use things like "eva", "defo", etc.

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Dabblefish answers:

Yes, tremendously.

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