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what happens to human waste on an aeroplane?

asked in aircraft

tracieboo answers:

They flush it out over the sea.

Supplement from 06/19/2007 09:03pm:

Then the little fishies eat it! Thats why i don't eat fish!

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w.j.flywheel answers:

People have often been hit by large lumps of falling, frozen, urine that have been expelled from aeroplanes. I don't know what happens to solid waste though.

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Dolphinfairy answers:

Best not to live on a flight path I would have thought.

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TallScotsGuy answers:

Billy Connolly has a whole part of his act devoted to this subject called the "Jobby Wheeker"

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dendelion answers:

Plop !! ouch!!

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stevecolhoun answers:

I think the answer you are really looking for is this! The waste is stored in the aircraft tanks until it lands at its destination. A special vehicle then comes along and hooks up a hose to the aircraft and sucks out the offending substance! This is then taken to a waste treatment plant where it is disposed of. Hope that helps

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