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If you are entitled to use letters after your name do you ever use them. In what instance would you do so?
The only letters I can use are not that impressive anyway but I would never think to use them.
asked in letters, studies, qualifications

duffield1 answers:

Yes, I could have Ll.B(Hons) DEJF (Batchelor of Laws and Diplome des Etudes Juridiques Francais), but I almost never use them.

In fact, the only time I have used Ll.B (Hons) is when a hopeless solicitor was being really useless at handling my conveyancing and I wanted to make it perfectly clear that she couldn't try to baffle me with technical terms or legal jargon!

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w.j.flywheel answers:

The letters that most people put afer my name would be moderated on here anyway but I see your point.

Do you remember how, before he was knighted, Jimmy Saville always insisted on having "OBE" put after his name and even on the credits of his TV programmes? He is, I think, the only person who has ever done so.

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Dabblefish answers:

I would be allowed three sets of letters behind my name. I never use any. It is not what maketh man.

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u-know-me answers:

Dont you have to put them if you write an important letter?
More so if its a letter of complaint. least it make them sit up and think, that they dealing with an intellectual ;0) i would of thought it come in handy.

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warriorprincessxena1 answers:

I have some letters after my name but have rarely used them, only in the legal system, and only if the situation warrants it, have never had cause to draw attention to myself in that way, have a number of qualifications but neglect to use alot of them or even mention them.

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hdtg answers:

Though I am entitled to use letters after my name I choose not to for anything other than proffesionsl reasons.

Supplement from 06/21/2007 10:03pm:

and that was very "professional" indeed:-)

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charmling answers:

I never used them . In general, unless for professional reasons, I find their usage rather ostentatious.

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