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You alien invader...
Whose brain would you want to eat first, and why?
Supplement from 06/22/2007 11:05pm:
Hmmm... I think I was looking for a different flavour of worms... I opened the wrong can. LoL!

asked in brains, aliens, nutrition

agentju90 answers:

man's, because it wouldn't affect how they work and function in everyday life.

ohhhhhh naughty femanist julee.

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Hiheels answers:

Obviously a male one - fresher as never been used.

Chortle guffaw.

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imfeduptoo answers:

I read once about a race of people who believed that eating someone's brain would give you all the knowledge that the person who's brain it was had learned.
Can't remeber what it was, not sci fi, may have been a book about cannibalism.
So, I would like to eat the brain of someone who was remarkably intelligent.
I have someone in mind but I think it would be in bad taste to name the person.

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warriorprincessxena1 answers:

I agree with imfedupto, it is a tribe in the Amazon or Africa and in the instance i am thinking of actually contracted CJD from eating the brains etc of ancestors but would definately go for the most intelligent people I could find because there is something to be said for genetic memory.

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