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What do you feel is the utopian state for human coexistance in terms of goverment/social order
For example, capitalism, communisim etc
or something different altogether and why?
asked in generalinterest, opinions

w.j.flywheel answers:

Probably a kind of benevolent anarchism!

Supplement from 06/25/2007 12:31am:

Man isn't perfect, ergo he will never be able to conceive of the perfect system of governance, therefore Anarchy, an imperfect way but emininetly flexible way of giverning Mankind would be the most sensible formula.

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Paul_Rook answers:

Bring back the British Empire is what i say lol

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warriorprincessxena1 answers:

I would say that Gene Roddenberrys view of Eutopia is the version I think would be most beneficial, all races, united together and treated equally to work towards a common goal, the survival and prospering of our species.
How we get there is a completely different matter.
Only a global event could pull everybody together and stop wars/povety etc. re A meteorite event, invaders from another planet or climate change at its most severe.

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