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what are the main things to be considered before you plan for a child?

asked in pregnancy, conception, family planning

warriorprincessxena1 answers:

Financial, emotional, physical. You need to have the space for a baby, they do take up alot of room.
You need to be emotionally prepared for a baby as they are very demanding.
Ideally you should be as healthy as possible.
You need to be able to financially support the baby as they are very expensive!
Babies are also very demanding and it is best if you have someone to share the nightly feeds with, that is if you ever want to get any sleep.
The fact that you are giving it prior thought is a good indication.
The baby will make a big impact on your lives and its best to be prepared.

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siasl74 answers:

As well as the above (very good) advice, your relationship with your partner should be able to stand up to the pressures involved. All of a sudden, your entire focus will be on this little bundle of flesh that won't do much beyond eat, cry, sleep & poo/piss for around 6 weeks at least. After then, you may get your first smile and the rewards start coming in as your baby gradually develops. It's still a hard slog (I am today suffering from my second nights complete lack of sleep, and my daughter is over a year old), but when you get the grins, giggles, pointing, baby talk, crawling, rolling, walking, etc... you discover the meaning of it all

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