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when should a married couple plan for a chid? after how many years from marriage?
is there any risk for taking precautions for one year?
asked in marriage, pregnancy, family planning

warriorprincessxena1 answers:

I dont think there is a set rule, just when you BOTH feel ready, ideally you should discuss it first because it is a big commitment and is a major life style change, it also depends on how old you are, if you are young and enjoy going out alot that will be limited with the bringing of a baby into the household.
As long as you are aware that the baby is going to make a major change to your lives and prepare for it as best you can, I think anytime is fine. Ideally you should already have a nice home with the space, be financially viable and commited to each other. Itis no good introducing a baby to the relationship if one party wants it more than the other, wait until you both do.

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kimberley240605 answers:

Well I have been married 2 years, seems like a life time(lol) we have planned to have children in around five years as my husband is 41 and I don't want him to be a really old daddy, but I guess it would be whenever you are comfortable and financially secure.

Good Luck x

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Rawand.74 answers:

I totally agree that bringing a child to this world is a big responsibility. and circumstances vary from country to country, and from town to town.
however, as a father, My wife and I had made this decision considering only two issues:
1- can we take care of him in terms of time allocation (because both of us are working, and none can quit any of his jobs).
2- we're about to reach our 30's, and we can't wait forever, and soner or later we will decide to have a child, so better sooner than later, so we can support the child as long as we live.

as for the money... we never gave any consideration, although we have had no extra money, no car, and of course, no house of our own. because what feeds one, is enough for two, and what can feed two, can feed four.... so, we will not buy him fancy toys, will not going to spare him a room of his own, will install an A/C, he will have to adjust to our lifestyle... (they are so innocent, and low demanding beautiful creatures, all what the need is cleanliness, milk, and attention)

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