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The human brain looks all crumpled and squashed together - do you think , if our skulls grew bigger to make room for it to stretch out smoothly it would make us all think more clearly?
Perhaps it was meant to be smooth but some nutation caused brains to get bigger and not fit inside our heads any longer.
Could this be the reason why the whole world seems to be going crazy? ;-)
asked in brains, intelligence, madness

Logicalawyer answers:

In a word no, its not crumpled or squashed, thinking clearly is about perspective, and how our neurones are connected and networked with each other. People forget that in evolutionary time scales we have only been "civilised for perhaps a few minutes so to speak!

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bikeman answers:

If the brain was smoothed out, people would be less intelligent. The present ridged shape of the brain allows electrical currents in the brain to jump across the ridges, rather than follow the contours. A plane travelling over the top of hills gets there quicker than a car travelling up & down the same hills, even when they both travel at the same speed

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agentju90 answers:

the wrinkles also increase surface area for more computation power. it takes more crumpled paper to cover a football pitch than a load of a4 sheets lais edge to edge. that means a longer ammount of info to be able to be written on it. i think that metaphore works. feel free to correct me lol.

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redomelette answers:

I have seen a human brain being sliced up and although it looks like mass of tubes that is is just outside texture. A sliced brain look remarkably plain.

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