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Right girls, i have just opened my first bottle, shall we talk about some of lifes more important topics?.....
....Like which is the best mascara and who makes the nicest foundation? LOL.
Sorry boys!!
asked in make up, girlie chats

Ondreya answers:

Your talking my kind of language but how long before we are discovered!! Now I have to start with a complaint as my favourite Avon lipstick has been discontinued and I'm receiving therapy for the loss. I do like my Avon and their mousse foundation is wonderful. Don't like their cheap smelly perfumes while we are on the subject.

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athenabs13ohe answers:

oh yuk, (glad i is a tom boy-ish.) i cant abide the stuff, only wear it under sufferance, if i have to go out some where special. yuk yuk.

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guest25011 answers:

max factor rule!

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will_it_work answers:

No7 intelligent foundation is fantastic...hides a multitude of sins! I ran out of it and was totally lost, had to use a cheapo and it was awful!
I am not a fan of mascara as I have never found a really good one.
Avon have discontinued one of my faves too...not good!

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rainchild answers:

I love Napoleon, they have such great colours. And it's not as bad for your skin as revlon. But not being able to afford much napoleon, I often buy Revlon.

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warriorprincessxena1 answers:

Anything but Max factor pretty much and the reason is this:
The heir to the Max factor foundation ahs commited about 25 rapes, using GHB and other similar drugs.
He then fled to mexico to escape his sentence until Dog the bounty hunter went to get him...I refuse point blank to pay his legal fees so I refuse to buy his products before Andrew(his name) behaved in such a manner and caused distress (at the very least to a number of women) I always used max factor until I became aware of his behaviour but I'm not being funny in my view anybody who buys his products is condoning his behaviour and paying for his legal fees and kmeeping him in a 'comfortable' existence when they should bang him up and throw away the key in some Oubliet somewhere.. Therefore I refuse on principle to buy it, even though it has one of the only foundations that matches my skin colour so I use L'oreal, body shop or boots no 7...
(Sorry about the rant but feel very strongly about it)

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wendyjugggs answers:

I tend to mix and match quite a bit, but I do like Virgin Vie stuff. However I so rarely wear make up, I begrudge paying the prices.

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MsRisa answers:

It really depends on what type of look you are going for with mascara and foundation. Personally, I use Clinique's high definition lashes, which has a comb and brush on one stick. The brush gives you a natural effect, and when you use the comb after, it gives a more defined look. As for foundation, I only use a tinted moisturiser, also by Clinique: moisture sheer tint. It has SPF 15 in it too. It even's out your skin tone, and doesn't feel heavy. If I'm having a particularly rough day, even though it's sheer, you can build up the coverage.

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