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Has anyone had any strange experiences whilst trying to obtain credit.
I requested a Credit Check on myself after the bank that "gives you extra" refused me a Current Account because I failed their credit check. My credit check was clear so I`m not bothered. What did strike me though was my current mortgage provider had carried out a "Money Laundering" check. This is a new one on me.
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Paul_Rook answers:

No the only experiances i have when i ask to borrow money is that they tend to start laughing at me. :0(

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tracieboo answers:

When i tried to open a bank account for the first time, i had no passport or driving licence (it was a fair few years ago) I was accused of being an illegal immagrant!!!! Even though i had a NI number! What made it worse was the fact that the woman in the bank spoke very poor english as she was from India!

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