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How should I choose the best operating system for my computer?
Should i just focus on applications that i can run on it?
asked in operating system, applications, IT

ndm20 answers:

Well, the first step towards achieving that is eliminate windows XP from the equation..!

Yes, just focus on the applications you require, and see what they will run on. If you end up with a choice then go for a non-microsoft product (linux is good), but if not you're probably stuck with XP :-(

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skeuomorphicus answers:

Nowadays all applications run on most operating systems and with Apple's introduction of Intel processors you can run either windows or Mac OS or both on one machine.

The big difference between windows and mac OS is that many games don't get 'ported' for mac OS. The advantage of Mac is that it is based on UNIX making it safer from viruses (I have had my current Mac laptop for 4 years and no viruses!) and tends to crash less.

But you're probably more familiar with windows than mac.

So in conclusion I say go mac. It is cool and sexy and isn't owned by Bill Gates. The new windows OS that is coming out (I think it is called vista) is catching up with things that max OS 10.1 could do 5 years ago.

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