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What was the annual turnover of the United States Professional Golf Association for any year since 2001?
I need figures either on turnover or income since 2001 - preferably both
asked in sport, economics, sponsorship

athenabs13ohe answers:

cant find much, but found this, dont know if it will help. i just pasted some of it, loads of info there.
After spending just over $1 million on advertising in 2001, which saw the worsening U.S. economy hit makers of luxury goods hard, the firm decided to boost its ad spending to $10 million in 2002. In conjunction with this move, owner and now CEO Barry Schneider published an open letter in several sports publications that addressed the firm's problems and laid out his plans for the future. The company was now working on grass-roots efforts such as in-store marketing, sponsoring college golf teams, holding 1,200 demonstration days nationwide, and boosting its presence on the PGA tour and with golf pros at clubs. 2002 also saw the firm name a new president, Dana Shertz, who had previously worked for industry leader Callaway Golf.

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