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How do i get top grades at university?

asked in university, education

warriorprincessxena1 answers:

Give the course you choose your undivided attention re dont get distracted by 6too many parties
Apply yourself 100% to the work
Ensure that you fully answer questions with good grammer and spelling
Work hard and research your course and the materials
Pay attention in lectures
Do not get on the bad side of the lecturer
Always attend scheduled lectures
Always be on time for said lectures
Pay close attention during lectures and take notes....
Choose subjects that appeal to you as you may find boring subjects you will lose interest quicker.

Supplement from 08/15/2007 10:52am:

ps dont be afraid to ask your lecturer for help/advice/guidance type stuff if you are struggling, if your lecturer is aware of the problems they can assist you rather than thinking you are under performing due to social reasons and not because you havent fully grasped a concept.
I particularly struggled with the economics section which was part of the degree but my lecturer was helpful when i stated i was having difficulty and this is probably true in most cases. If they dont know whats going on they cant help you....

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siasl74 answers:

Pay attention in lectures
Do all the coursework (on time)
If you don't understand a point in the lecture, talk to the lecturer about it - either by asking questions in the class, or by going to see them afterwards
Try and get hold of past papers and practice the exams (if you have any)
Repeat as necessary
Don't forget to have a life too

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Timdawg answers:

In addition to the excellent advice above, can I add that you should find a course that genuinely interests you, and not do something that you think would be useful. You'll perform better and pay more attention than you would if you pick a subject that you're not passionate about.

The best advice for a job is to find something you love doing and then get someone to pay you to do it. Perhaps your choice of course should reflect this.

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jafarcakes answers:

Crib your essay answers from IQ!

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richardwilson0 answers:

also to all the given advice above is to get a lot of past paper exams, trust me those will really help a alot, in my opinion if its a case of doing a past paper exam or attending a lecture, i would do the exam. im talking from experience here, i have a degree and am currently doing a second. on my first degree i must have went through about 8 past paper questions, some of them you can download for free, others you have to pay a small fee, edexcel and ocr does this, also you might be able to get them of lectures and other sources. but really they are worth the price. once you have finished them you can ask you lectureer to mark them for you (so keep on the right side of them!) or if you purchased the paper them they come with marking guides and the answeres.
i really hoper this helps as it helped me a lot- you will get to know the styles of the questions and they are often repeated.

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rasputin1309 answers:

work hard or cheat - the choice is between you and your conscience

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