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Would you purchase a bullet proof back pack for your children under the present circumstances re deaths by guns etc?
Saw an interview on fox the other day of the guys who have produced this bullet proof back pack, apparently it looks like an ordinary back pack but has category 2 kevlar type stuff.
It is apparently better than the stuff used by the police. They also stated that they had tested it with knives at home but it hadnt been cleared for knife proof yet by the authority that determines it.
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Ondreya answers:

Apparently you can actually buy jumpers made in Norfolk with the same material. It really makes you cogitate what the world has really come too. They are apparently priced at £65 but I suppose when you think it could save your childs life it really is a small price to pay. the material in these ones are the same as they use for police vest.

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tracieboo answers:

No, because what happens i you get shot/knifed from the front?? having a backpack is not going to do them any good!!
How much are these things going to cost anyway?

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duffield1 answers:

Do they do it in a Dora the Explorer design? If not, I guess I won't be buying it.

I'm glad we live in the country, where you are more likely to be eviscerated by a combine harvester than shot by hoodies. Besides, in Yorkshire, you can't fit a hoodie over a flat cap.

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