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is there a cheap equivalent to blue wkd out there?
i've seen plenty of blue stuff in bottles, but don't wanna waste money trying them only to severely dislike them!

i have a *thing* for cheeky vimto's (ruby port and blue wkd) but i'd like to find a cheap alternative to the wkd that doesn't taste cheap (if you know what i mean?).
asked in port, blue wkd, cheeky vimto

xoloriib answers:

Is it anything like Pernod plus Ribena? I presume it's the taste you are looking for not the colour - which you could do with food dye.

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maybe.baby111 answers:

Not sure how good it would be but Red Square does blueberry one which is a lot cheaper as does a company called Redshot. I'm afraid I've never tasted then and only had Cheeky Vimto using WKD Blue Not much help but might be worth a try!!!

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