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1,700+ credits up for grabs, but only for the funniest or best joke that you know, see below & I'm leaving IQ completely when this question expires
Don't write your jokes on this question, to save any joke you have being modded for what ever reason, send me a message containing your joke. Only the jokes sent to me in a message on here have the chance of getting the credits. The jokes sent as a message can be anything, as I'm not offended by swearing & political correctness is optional
Supplement from 08/26/2007 02:18pm:
To fit in with the rules & regulations just to make this an offical question & not just asking people to message me, take your pick

The chemical name for water is H2 O, what would the chemical be if it was H O2?

How many different peoples names appear in the bible?

What songs contain days of the week in the title?

When did the word day first get commonly used & what what was that time called before then?

When did the word night first get commonly used & what what was that time called before then?

asked in credits for jokes

blacksmith81 answers:

Try this one

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w.j.flywheel answers:

Sorry to see you go. There's not much point my having credits these days, so I'll leave my "joke" here.

I walked into a pub the other day and there was an Alligator behind the bar. I asked him for a pint of lager and as he gave me the change I finally asked him the question that had been bothering me since I had walked in. I looked him up and down and asked, "So why the long face?"

Supplement from 08/26/2007 09:14am:

I've messaged you as well because I want to know why you're leaving. (Always was nosy!)

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tarapalmer1974 answers:

Message duly sent xxxx
Will we all miss you xxx

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warriorprincessxena1 answers:

No jokes I'm afraid re sense of humour has been surgically removed but thought i would let you know you would be missed...

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rainchild answers:

Could I possibly ask why, Bikey?

Supplement from 08/26/2007 08:43pm:

Genesis: "God called the light day and darkness he called light." But wait...that was in Hebrew. Hang on then:
O.E. dæg, from P.Gmc. *dagaz, from PIE *dhegh-. Not considered to be related to L. dies (see diurnal), but rather to Skt. dah "to burn," Lith. dagas "hot season," O.Prus. dagis "summer." Meaning originally, in Eng., "the daylight hours," expanded to mean "the 24-hour period" in late O.E. Daydream is 1685 (n.), 1820 (v.). Day off first recorded 1883; day-tripper first recorded 1897; daylight in slang sense of "clear open space between two things" is from 1820. Day-Glo is 1951, proprietary name (Dane & Co. of London) for a brand of fluorescent paint. The days in nowadays, etc. is a relic of the O.E. and M.E. use of the adverbial genitive.

O.E. niht (W.Saxon neaht, Anglian næht, neht), the vowel indicating that the modern word derives from oblique cases (gen. nihte, dat. niht), from P.Gmc. *nakht- (cf. O.H.G. naht, O.Fris., Du., Ger. nacht, O.N. natt, Goth. nahts), from PIE *nok(w)t- (cf. Gk. nuks "a night," L. nox, O.Ir. nochd, Skt. naktam "at night," Lith. naktis "night," O.C.S. nosti, Rus. noch', Welsh henoid "tonight"). For spelling with -gh- see fight.

"The fact that the Aryans have a common name for night, but not for day (q.v.), is due to the fact that they reckoned by nights." [Weekley]

Cf. Ger. Weihnachten "Christmas." In early times, the day was held to begin at sunset, so O.E. monanniht "Monday night" was the night before Monday, or what we would call Sunday night. Nightclub "club open at night" is from 1894; nightspot in the same sense is from 1936. Nightstick (1887) so called because it was carried for night patrols. To work nights preserves the O.E. genitive of time. Night shift is attested from 1710 in the sense of "garment worn by a woman at night" (see shift); meaning "gang of workers employed after dark" is from 1839. Night soil "excrement" (1770) is so called because it was removed (from cesspools, etc.) after dark.

Supplement from 08/26/2007 08:45pm:

That bit from Genesis should read, "The darkness he called NIGHT. Sheesh.

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Paul_Rook answers:

I agree with everyone here you will be missed i hope you could pop by every now and again, so rather than 'Goodbye' lets just say 'Untill nextime'

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Fergie71 answers:

Sorry you are leaving, will miss your sense of humor ;)
Take it easy on the roads and stay safe honey.xx

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suehayes answers:

Aye, we will miss ye, ye kna pet! Take it easy bikeman & if I ever meet a small guy in biker gear in The Toon, I'll stop & say hi:D

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KentPDG answers:

OK, sent you a joke that makes most people laugh pretty hard.

Please let me know if you liked it; or let me know if it got lost in cyberspace, and I'll send it again.

On your question of HO2 instead of H2O, it is chemically impossible to make HO2, i.e., one hydrogen atom plus two oxygen atoms. But (HO)2, i.e. two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms, is a common substance known as hydrogen peroxide. Usually written as H2O2, but the formulation (HO)2 is just as accurate.

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