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Why is the Australian Labor Party spelled without a 'U'?

asked in spelling, politics

ecd answers:

(The formal name Australian Labour Party was adopted in 1908, with the American spelling of Labor adopted from 1912.)
While it is standard practice in Australian English to spell the word labour with a u, the Party has spelt it without since Labor cabinet minister King O’MalleyKing thought he would "modernise" the name. At the time, it seemed likely that Australia would move to American spellings

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_Labor_Party

Supplement from 08/30/2007 04:20am:

King O’MalleyKing Should have read King O'Malley
Cant proof read!!

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osbertonbowls answers:

Why isnt it spelled "Laber"?
OOPS! that's another question

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xoloriib answers:

Somebody told me it's spelt the Latin way because so people don't confuse it with the Labour Party in other countries.

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