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I'm Confused.....see below
I found the following joke in the daily star newspaper and for the life of me i can't seem to find the punchline if in fact there is one....am i being blind and missing the obvious or is it confusing to you too...here it is...

Two blokes were riding on a tandem past battersea dogs home when a dog rushed out and threw a bucket of water over them.

What you think..I've asked 4 people now n no one gets it...
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Topaz2308 answers:

I do get the joke and you have to think along the lines of two dogs mating. They think the riders are mating due to the seating arrangements of the bike.

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w.j.flywheel answers:

It's a reversal of what once was a common practice.

When I was young I can remember people throwing a bucket of water over dogs copulating in the street. When I asked my mother why it was done she told me that the dogs had got stuck together.

It's a pretty ancient joke and I'm not sure it has that much relevance today.

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