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What does "tha fios agam" mean?

asked in phrase, unknown language

Alasdair answers:
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Timdawg answers:

Hmm - the closes I could get is the phrase

ta a fhios agam e (accents over the 'a' in 'ta' and also over the 'e' at the end)

which is Irish Gaelic and translates as 'I know about him' or 'I know of him'.

If you take each word individually, you get...

Tha = and, am, art, is, are
fios = knowledge
agam = me

so you'd get something like 'I know myself'. This is a literal translatin though, and it probably means something different (yet similar) when spoken as a whole.

I used the following site to get this, as there aren't too many Gaelic/English translation sites around (not ones that work, anyhow!), LOL


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Zocalo answers:

it is gaelic (Irish) and a there is a slight spelling error it should be Ta (a fada , which is the Irish equivalent of an accent on the a) Fios agam - which directly translated means I have the knowledge - which really means I know

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charmling answers:

I know.

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