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What do you think about the change in tactics by the Portugese police?

asked in current affairs, police, tactics

hdtg answers:

Hi Xena, I really dont know what to make of it, it could be desperation to be seen to be doing something and frustration at the parents who are creating such a fuss, but the forensic information cant easily be dismissed and I have serious doubts about the likelyhood of the portugese police "plantinG" evidence with the world watching.

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beeper_spryte answers:

evidence doesn't lie. it couldn't have been planted as the PJ didn't have any of maddie's blood in the first place. sky news has the full story: http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,91210-1283278,00.html

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Topaz2308 answers:

It isn't just the Portuguese police though as they have British officers helping them as well. It makes you ponder why it has taken them so long to find such a crucial piece of evidence, and what exactly are the parents motives to do such a thing.

Unfortunately this has just become a media circus and so high profile I feel the police will clutch at any straws to save face.

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Paul_Rook answers:

From the very start of it all i suspected the parents i think it was them that made her disappear i hope they didn't kill her because that would be terrible, I just thought there wasn't something quite right about the way they behaved when your child goes missing your frantic and will stay in one place looking for her not be as calm as anything and travel round Europe talking about her and raising the profile what a load of rubbish i just think they wanted a free holiday to be honest.

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xoloriib answers:

Perhaps an emphasis on the McCanns will lead someone else to accidentally reveal themselves.

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her_nextdoor answers:

Can't see why it's much of a surprise, obvious candidates in many ways. I agree with Paul Rook, I thought she was dodgy from the start, her body language was strange.

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tarapalmer1974 answers:

From the very start i said they had something to do with it all, rarely do you not know your murderer.
I have always suspected they knew something maybe they didnt kill her maybe they know who did or had a hand in it all we might never know, i just hope if she is dead she didn suffer and is at total peace now.
No child deserves what she may have gone through ever.

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guest25011 answers:

I really cannot believe how low people are thinking of these parents what ever happened to "innocent until proven guilty". They have lost there eldest daughter, their "fist born" they are distraught! Everybody should leave Gerry and Kate to grieve for their little girl! Put yourself in their shoes, please. There is no way they could of done anything to her they love her very much. My message to the family of Madeleine would be "keep strong".

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duffield1 answers:

There have been some really interesting answers to this question.

Like others, I wondered if the parents had had anything to do with Maddy's disappearance at the time; in the majority of cases, murderers(if we now assume that is what happened to poor Maddy) usually know their victims and vice versa, so I am surprised that they were not examined as witnesses far earlier in the case.

That said, I do agree with Guest above - I don't think that any of us knows enough about the detail of the case to effectively try and convict the parents of the murder. A lot of what the press have revealed is second hand inforamtion, not information revealed by the police themselves, or indeed, the parents.

I said from the start that the parents were irresponsible in leaving the kids alone in their room, and I stand by that. Whether they are guilty of having a more direct involvement with Maddy's disappearance/death remains to be seen. If, as the police seem to be suggesting, there was an accident that the McCanns have been trying to cover up, then it doesn't change the fact that they have lost a child. Personally, I don't think they would have deliberately killed her, so if they were involved, then there must have been something terrible go wrong - and they would have lost their oldest daughter. The guilt they would feel for the death of their daughter would surely be far worse than any jail sentence a court could impose.

The evidence that the press has told us is against them does lead us to suspect that there has been something out of the ordinary go on, although we don't know if there are rational explanations for any of it.

However, the media effectively ruined the life of the first suspect (can't remember his name, the guy who 'acted suspiciously') by publishing every detail of his private life and background. It seems that he is no longer in the limelight, so this kind of speculation has already damaged one person's life. Let's leave speculation as to the McCann's guilt until they have been tried by a court - we'll have plenty of time to vilify them if they are charged and found guilty, but if they are innocent (and I do hope they are), having people saying that they thought they were a bit dodgy from the start must just compound the guilt they feel for leaving their kids unattended, and the pain of still not knowing if their daughter is dead or alive.

Let's give them the benefit of the doubt until proven wrong. If Maddy is still alive and being held somewhere, I would not want to give the kidnapper the satisfaction of thinking that they have almost got away with this heinous crime.

Supplement from 09/08/2007 06:37pm:

Sorry, I've failed to answer the question! The tactics of the police will follow whatever evidence they have to lead them to a particular conclusion - they obviously believe the McCanns to be involved and have acted accordingly. Only time will tell if their actions are correct when the McCanns either confess, or someone else is found guilty and reveals what really happened.

If they have evidence to build a case beyond reasonable doubt against the McCanns, or even if they have enough evidence to prove any kind of case against them, then they are right to ask any questions they need to. The McCanns must understand that the police will follow every possible lead to solve this case; if they are innocent, I doubt they have much to fear.

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CGA answers:

I cannot believe this 'trial by media'.

Sure, it could always have been the parents but, by admission of the media, they don't really know too much about why the police have taken this action and they are mostly speculating.

What I think is terrible is the mood turning against these parents on something that is unknown and may be unsubstantial. If they are innocent then they have enough to cope with dealing with the loss of a daughter.

I also disagree about making judgments on the demeanor of the parents. Yes, they have been very controlled in front of the press but we don't know how they have reacted in private and not everyone reacts the same. I don't think that it is possible to draw any conclusions from this.

On a more practical note I don't see how the parents could have possibly have done this anyway because :-

1. The last person to check the children 30 minutes before the mother was another parent. If Madeline was there at the time then I don't see how the mother had chance to do anything - hide her tracks.
2. With their every move being shadowed by the world press, how were they supposed to have recovered Madelines body from a hiding place (that had not been found) and then dispose of the body some 25 days later. I don't want to be unpleasant but remember this is a hot country and a body that had been hidden would become more evident.
3. While this was always going to be big news, the parents have encouraged and help to build the media attention. If they were guily then I would have expected them to keep their heads down.

To be honest, I am slightly shocked at the number of judgmental views that are being expressed before any evidence is presented and tested.

Supplement from 09/09/2007 08:58am:

Sorry, I've also failed to answer the question!

Well, I would be unbelievable if the Police did not consider all possibilities (including the parents). We can only speculate what is behind the police naming the McCann's as arguido. It could be any combination of the following :-

- They want to stop thje media circus so they can get on with their jobs.
- They are embarrassed by not having a solution in the glare of the world press.
- They could be influenced by the McCann's suing a local paper (this, surely, puts a stop to this).
- It could be purely a procedural issue even though they don't believe the parents are responsible.
- It could be there evidence we don't know about.

2 things are certain :-
- If the Police had any strong or conclusive evidence against them, they would not let the McCann's leave Portugal.
- Given the lack of this the Police (and many other Portuguese) will be very happy they are leaving for all sorts of reasons.

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Neko2 answers:

My opinion of the "theories" being touted by the gutter press...

Being honest, it's diffificult to let feelings get the better of good sense, or good reporting. However, this "trial by tabloid" really worries me. The press have whipped whipped their readership into a frenzy over Robert Murat's alleged involvement. Now, they have shifted the focus on the McCanns.

Just about everyone I know is convinced that they are guilty of something or other. That's wrong. Nobody's guilt should be decide before as case has been fully investigated and a prosecution brought to bear by a court of law. Even then, I think people who are external to the case should keep an open mind, reserve judgement for people that know better than some Red Top hack.

None of this is helping Madeline, if she's not already beyond help. It's certainly not helping those who are investigate to do their jobs.

Some might say that it's poetic and ironic that the McCanns are now being stalked by the tiger who's tail they once held. That may be so. To my mind, the only thing that has come out of this investigation that is beyond doubt is the poor quality of the popular press in this country. I don't know they can sleep at nights.

In the words of Chris Rock... "Anybody who makes their mind up before hearing an issue is a <bleep> idiot."

Supplement from 09/12/2007 05:25pm:

Again, like others, I got caught up in the issue of the media, and got sidetracked...

I just think the police are following their best leads. This hasn't brought about a result in the past. Maybe it will bring the discovery of what really happened a little closer, even if it is just through a process of elimination.

I do find it interesting that nobody has mentioned that a witness can actually request to become an arguido. That's because you only enjoy the right to remain silent, access to legal representation, etc if you are an arguido. Witness have no such rights in Portugal.

The fact that they now have this status could be indicative of the need to eliminate the parents as suspects... I can imagine that the line of questioning that would have to be pursued is not one that any rational person would wish to undertake without those basic legal rights. It might be purely a legal formality. Again, we don't know, beause of the so called "secrecy laws" that are part of a criminal investigation in Portugal.

IMO, it means very little. I hold very similar opinions about the parents as I did before this development.

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sheps101 answers:

with out knowing the laws and guidelines they work under I don't think it is for me to have an opinion.

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