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How have you helped children, other than those in your family?
Mother Teresa told me (ues! in person!) "You must help the children, wherever they are, in whatever ways you can. God values all of your goodnesses." Please tell us about your goodnesses to children, not your own.
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warriorprincessxena1 answers:

Always. My name is Bob(as in builder ) and I am the centre of attraction for all the local kids who invade my house like a military attack on a regular basis, so with them as well as foster placements /friends etc my house can get jam packed. Most in the actual house at one time was 13-the rest were in the garden! We have made mothers day prezzies-tissue flower arrangements and a big wool heart, daffodils for St Davids day, my house is like the Tate except this is all there work, it is plastered in pictures as we paint virtually everyday.
We play monopoly as well as other non computer games, we play with the bunnies-excellent for kids, they help me look after them, we do wood work(older bunch) making baseball bats, a bench for their mum...all sorts-a hive of activity-always. Love kids. Kids for some strange reason love me.....We clean the car in the summer, we usually have a pool...BBQ's all sorts

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Timdawg answers:

I'm a Parent Govenor at our local primary school and I also work for the County Council in the Childrens and Young Peoples Directorate. Hopefully that has a positive impact on thousands of kids, albeit not in a direct contact manner.

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rainchild answers:

I've worked in childcare a long time, and in India was helping slum children, deaf children, and children left crippled from Polio. I sponsored a child in Columbia for a long time, but at the moment it's just my own child I'm helping.

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guest25011 answers:

Before I had my baby I used to volunteer at my local school and help children learning to read who have learning disabilities.

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tracieboo answers:

I'm a special needs teacher and a child counsellor.

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