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At the Safari park today, they told us that the beautiful Bengal Tiger we were looking at was worth $100,000 on the black market as asian medicine, and that even one of his whiskers could sell for as much as $30.00! She said that every part of the tiger is used, the brain to cure acne, and the penis for heightened sexual performance!
Is there any truth to Asian medicine, using tigers and bear bile, etc, and if not how can we prove to all the doctors and patients of this kind of medicine that it is just senselessly wasting beautiful creatures? And if it is so highly in demand, why don't they think ahead and try to protect and preserve them?
(Sorry, I would have loved to have included one of my GREAT PICS of said tiger, see Olympus Picture Card question.) :(
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dendelion answers:

There is no truth in it,and it boils my blood!!

I wish I had the answer how to get the message across to them.

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kimberley240605 answers:

I think it is not nesscersary for people to be killing the creatures as there is no scientific evidence that using these animals cures anything, but every culture has there own beliefs, not as I am condoning this.

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Neko2 answers:

This just makes me mad. The tiger is my favourite animal. It is theultimate cat... especially the Bengal species. I can't believe that people will pay that amount of money on a medicine which doesn't work. Not only that, it's goipng to push these magnificent creatures over the edge, and the world will be a less wonderful place for their passing. That kind of cash will ensure that the poor people who are forced to poach keep doing so, and the traffickers and traders will continue to get rich on this evil trade.

I was also reading this article recently. It explains the myth of the white tiger. I had no idea that they were used by idiots like Siefried and Roy, because they were dependent on their captors, due to neurological and ocular deficits. They are a bit simple and have crossed eyes, which makes them so docile.


It adds weight to what Chris Rock said about the incident:

"People were going on about how the tiger went crazy. That tiger didn't go crazy. That tiger went TIGER. That tiger was crazy when it was riding around on a little bicycle, wearing a Hitler helmet... saying Oh, I's a crazy tiger. What is I gonna do?""

I don't see any solution that can be brought to bear in the time that the tiger has left. China has a huge population, most of which are poorly educated and living in relative poverty. Health is never what it could be in those circumstances, and the people will turn to traditional meds out of ignorance. Their government likes it that way. It make it easier to control them. China is also notoriously unconcerned about foreign opinion... and lets face it, other countries have a list of thing they would like to deal with when it comes to China. Tigers are way down the list.

It's so bleak. :-(

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rasputin1309 answers:

When the majority of the world's population believe in a fairytale deity of some kind, what hope do we have of convincing them that a Tiger's penis has no medicinal qualities?

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Candy.DeRun answers:

Preservation will never work when those type of figures are placed upon an animal.
The only very slight chance is to re-educate the consumers by showing them hard evidence that they're paying a fortune for pointless product.
They might as chew their nails as ingest rhino horn!

Sadly I'm with Rusputin on this - it's (and they) are doomed to fail, as logic is lost upon most humans.

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