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According to the RSPCA 70,000 animals in the UK live in inadequate conditions so is it time they tightened the laws on owning pets to prevent this ill treatment?

asked in Animals, caring, laws

siasl74 answers:

Some ideas:

There should be some form of "pet driving test" to see if you are a suitable pet-parent. And there should be harsher punishments for mistreatment of animals.

All pets should be mandatorily neutered except for licensed breeders or the ones that can't survive in the uk-wild - there are too many strays.

Lastly, all pets should have a mandatory checkup at the vet every year

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warriorprincessxena1 answers:

Yes-definitely-if you saw some of the states animals come to me in you would completely agree.Personally I think banning people from owning an animal for a specific period of time is pathetic they should never be alone to own pets, some treatment of animals goes far beyond just neglect and in those instances stiff penalties should apply re jail time not a small fine and ban for 5 years. I really dont see why animals are treated the way they are, they are defenceless and dependent and if someone is going to a abuse an animal they dont deserve to be allowed in the smae room as one, personally I would do unto them as they do unto the animal, re referring to taht case of the 2 teenage girls who poured lighter fluid over a kitten in a cage-its a question I previously asked some time ago. Cant say that if I met those girls they would fair very well at all. The piccie is said kitten who lost most of his fur due to the fire as well as a large portion of his tail/ears etc.Absolutely disgusting.

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xoloriib answers:

Yes, I think people who have a history of their pets dying due to neglect or cruelty shouldn't be allowed to keep pets.

People should read more about animals before they buy : it's a rare pet shop that has books though.

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