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My friend is looking for a holiday next year for 3 of them somewhere there is surfing for relatively novice surfers. Any suggestion of where would be good to go?
There is 3 of them and her son and husband have on recently had some lessons in surfing. They would like somewhere warm as my friend will not partake so would just like to enjoy the beach. Their budget is upto £3,000 and are reasonably flexible on times of year also but they would prefer 2 weeks if possible.

Any suggestions on where would be the best place to go and what time of year would be appreciated?
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KentPDG answers:

Southern California has almost continuous surf, varying from mild to spectacular. Plenty of novice surfers there, so your friends will find lots of surf shops, instructors, and maybe some new friends who teach them how to "hang ten".

Hawaii has wonderful surf on the Big Island (Hawaii) -- of differing intensity, depending on where one is, the east or the west coast. Again, lots of surfers, lots of help, and quite a lovely place to visit. If they get tired of surfing, they can go watch a volcano erupt, or go way up the mountains and go skiing.

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rasputin1309 answers:


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Timdawg answers:

The options are endless. If they fancy somwhere closer to home, then Portugal would be an excellent choice. Waves for all abilities and lots of sun. I'd recommend going in the autumn as the tourists are gone and the swell in the atlantic pick up considerably. If you're not going with a dedicated 'surf operator' company, then the less out-of-the-way the better as there will be more access to hire shops if you don't have your own equipment.

If your friends fancy a surf-orientated holiday where the people take you out every dya to good spots based on your ability, drop me a personal message and I'll find the details. I'm a bit busy at work right now to dig them out. They also cater for partners who just want to chill out.

If they have somewhere specific in mind and want to check out the potential for surf, then point them in the direction of the website below.


Pick your continent and drill down to specific locations. There are bio's, photos and ability indicators for specific breaks.

Supplement from 10/12/2007 11:26am:

The time of year to go will depend heavily on where they choose to go. Make sure they check this out before booking!

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