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Is that tassle on the top of a fez purely ornamental, or does it have some practical use?

asked in fez, hats, tassle

Poindexter answers:

I say it's ornamental!

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KentPDG answers:

Could it be the visible end of a chin strap, used to hold the fez in place during sandstorms? Giving it a pull could seat the fez more firmly on the head, and also pull the chin strap tight.

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DragonsDen answers:

One of the sciences practiced by the Ancient Moors was Astrology or what we call today the Zodiac. The Fez is said to have a *geometrical* form to represent the eternal Zodiac.

The Body of the Fez symbolizes the Womb of the Cosmos or the Womb of the Woman. The 1" tassle that extends out the center of the Fez represents the number ONE, and the ninth letter of the Phonetic Moorish Alphabet l. This also symboized the NAVEL *EYE*.

The cord extending from the *eye* symbolizes the Universal Umbilical cord of the Universal Life and represents the oneness of all life. It is said that it ties to the source of Humanity -ZUDIACUS- the FIRST WOMAN.

The Circular *round* part of the tassel represents the Mundane circle or EARTH. The cord wrapped around the tassel strands, hold the form of the circle and represents the Unity of Life through the Zodiac Constitution of Humanity. It also represent the Cyclical and reciprocal nature of Life.

The Strands of the Tassel represent the 360 Degrees of the Zodiac. The Fez in total symbolizes the Eternal Zodiac. It is also known as a *Tiara* and *Corona Sol*.

Source: http://www.geocities.com/jreaves951/Fez.html

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Paul_Rook answers:

And in addition to DragonsDen's answer the tassle also keeps the flies from landing near your faxce if you wear the said aticale.

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