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Are you good at remembering jokes?
A man walks into a pub, sits down at the table with his friends and is unable to remember any jokes. Sound familair?
I have a fairly good memory, especially with facial recognition, but cannot remember jokes. Is it because I know I can't tell them well, so my subconcious doesn't bother to remember them?
asked in jokes

Topaz2308 answers:

No my partner is awful at telling jokes but he remembers everyone of them and recants them at will with great disregard that his is no comedian.

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Paul_Rook answers:

Yeah I'm quite good but that's because before i tell the joke i think it over in my head and decide how and when to deliver the joke to get optimum success

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tracieboo answers:

I usually remember the crap ones and forget the really good ones!

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beeper_spryte answers:

i remember the ones that knock me off my bar stool, but if al they do is make me snigger, they don't make an impression in my memory.

my current favourite joke is too rude for the site, but it's fantastic...

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bikeman answers:

I'm the opposite to you, I can remember jokes, but forget peoples faces & names, I have over 700 jokes stored on my PC that I often read & add new jokes to, but probably only less than 10 would be allowed on here & yes I have chatted up ex girlfriend again, ex girlfriends sisters & friends of ex girlfriends

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Messerwisser answers:

I can't just dig up old jokes on order, but my association works quite well so they spontaneously come up at the right moment.

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jenzy455 answers:

I can remember jokes all the way up to the punchline, then I mess it up.

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