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dogs not like the gaps in stairs re the stairs where you can see between the steps?
Fox successfully magaed to get upstairs by himself this morning1am. He has refused until this point as he doesnt like the gaps. Dana also had problems but she was a pup and grasped it much quicker than fox who has taken a few months.
So wondered what it is about these types of stairs dogs dont like?
Supplement from 10/26/2007 09:26am:
Should read "Why do dogs not like the gaps in stairs etc"

asked in Animals, dogs, stairs

duffield1 answers:

I think that it is uncertainty about their own footing, and the reliability of steps like this - my dog struggled with wooden plank bridges, as she wasn't convinced she'd be safe crossing (I assume!). Must be quite un-nerving when you can't see your hind legs. Actually, can dogs see their front paws when they are walking? Their eyes are quite high on their heads, so they'd have to do it with their heads really low down.

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Neko2 answers:

From a dogs perspective, the actual stairs look thinner, because they are viewing them from a shallower angle. This means that this type of stair will look like it's mostly made of air to a dog. Because we look at them from a steeper angle, due to our erect posture, the stairs look more solid and robust.

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Messerwisser answers:

Try to enter a stair with steps as high as half your body and a lot of emptiness between!

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bikeman answers:

Earlier today my dogs were with me when I was carrying things up a ladder, I looked down & both of them were on the steps below me. In the near 7 years of they lives, neither has even seen a ladder or seen me on a ladder, so I don't know how they both just decided to climb up a ladder or suddenly discovered a skill to climb up & down ladders

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