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geuine but cheap kamagra or viagra or altertanitves online
Hi , can anyone recomment where i can get geuine but cheap kamagra or viagra or altertanitves online as ive recently purchased some online and it was fake.

I used to buy it direct from kamagra but cant locate their website any more .

asked in impotence, erectile dysfunction, e d

Hiheels answers:

There are so many scams associated with this kind of medication you're probably better off going a legit route, in other words steer clear of t'internet for it.

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rainchild answers:

Just open your spam mail...hahahaha

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spidersinthekitchen answers:

I recommend lolly sticks and elastic bands. More seriously, maybe you just are no longer aroused by what's on offer.

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Neko2 answers:

hairspray gives good results if you use plenty

Supplement from 10/28/2007 04:57am:

Sorry... that was an attempt to bring levity to the situation. In the cold light of day, I see that was very unhelpful of me. Like heels said, go to your GP. It's not an unusual problem, but it's embarrassing enough for people to make jokes to alleviate social awkwardness.

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