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Which credit card provider offers the most interest free days on purchaces before having to pay as standard?
What I mean is I have up to 12 weeks to pay interest free depending on where in the month I purchase my goods, but all ways get a minimum of 8 weeks to pay. This is great if I need to buy larger items (eg new washing machine) at short notice as I can spit the cost over these weeks without getting in to the kind of debt that means you are paying interest.

Not counting promotions are there any companies that offer a longer periods of interest free on purchases as standard.
Supplement from 10/29/2007 07:43pm:
I am not interested in any current promotions or interest rates only number of days free interest on purchases as standard

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tracieboo answers:

This site has the top ten cards...


Supplement from 10/29/2007 07:45pm:

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imfeduptoo answers:

This one says you get 56 days interest free.


Can't find a site that compares different cards yet, but still looking.

Supplement from 10/29/2007 07:59pm:

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