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What kind of fruit is a vee?
I have found one reference on the web:
"you wouldn't happen to have (w)vee fruit growing in your yard?"
This was written this year.

William Bligh in the Bounty log:
"Mr. Nelson by my direction has replaced three dozen of them [breadfruit plants] with the following fruits: one dozen of vees, one dozen of plantains, and one dozen of the apples called ay-yah."

Spelling may be wrong, this was written in 1788.
asked in fruit trees, history

dendelion answers:

From this,it appears to be an apple rootstock


Ottawa 3 This rootstock dwarfs the tree to about 8 feet. Recommended by the University of Saskatchewan where snow cover is consistent.
Vee 3 This rootstock is newly introduced by the University of Guelph. We are very excited about this one! Very hardy and more dwarfing than Ottawa 3. Vee 3 dwarfs to about 6 feet. Reported to have some Fire Blight resistance. If you are a very serious nursery person or orchardist, you may want to read the extensive articles about Vee 3 in the article section. There is no written report yet, but I am aware of a very scientific trial conducted for the University of Guelph in the Edmonton area. Vee 3 survived very well in our climate.

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Aiming4777 answers:

I found some other references. In ‘Eigtheenth Century German Prose’ By Ellis Shookman, it says, in a work ‘A Voyage round the world’ by Georg Forster:

“Seeing us all seated he ran into his house, and brought out a quantity of breadfruit baked, which he laid before us on fresh banana leaves. To this he added a matted basket full off the vee or Taheitee apple, a fruit of the Spondias genus, which resembles the pineapple, in the taste, and entreated us to partake of these refreshments”

Taheitee is the old spelling for Tahiti. Genus Spondias are tropical trees having one-seeded fruit (such as plums).

I also found the following from the log of the ship EMERALD
(Source: http://www.rotuma.net/os/Eagleston.htm)

Writing about Rotumah, it says “Productions here are Yams Tarro, sort of potatoes, Pumpkins, Breadfruit, Plantains, Bananas, large plum called Vee …”

(Rotuma is a Fijian Dependency located in the Pacific Ocean approximately 465 kilometres north of Fiji)

So it seems the Vee fruit was a large plum from the South Pacific area.

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