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I need a new laptop power supply/charger, how do I work out which one will fit?
I have an unusual brand (Targa) and other than getting a universal charger/power supply id there a way to work out which fitting/connection is on my laptop
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Family.Guy answers:

You could take the charger with you to Pc world and they should be able to tell you which one you need. Or you could tell them what Pc you have and they should have a charger somewhere, They may need to order one from somewhere if it is rare.

You might even want to see if the Pc have a website where you can order charger's from them directly it might work out better for you money wise.

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bikeman answers:

When my dogs were pups, they used to chew everything, I found my laptop nearly off the table & the power supply/charger in chewed bits with all ends of the cable chewed off. I tryed PC world & other shops that sell laptops, I couldn't get a power supply/charger anywhere. I had to contact the company that made the laptop as it was a Kapok, it was £59.99 for the power supply/charger, then 18 months later the power supply/charger had smoke come out of it, causing smoke to come out of the laptop, that laptop was cooked & as it didn't catch fire, it wasn't covered on my house insurance!

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Aiming4777 answers:

You need to look at the existing power supply, or the plate on the laptop. It will give the voltage and amps output by the power supply. You need to get another one with the same (or very similar) voltage and amps. Also the polarity is important. This is whether the centre or outer connection has the positive supply.

Obviously the best solution is to buy an original replacement part from the laptop manufacturer.

An alternative is to buy a universal power supply, such as this which, will enable the correct voltage to be selected from a range and will have a variety of connections to fit most laptops. Like this and similar products: http://www.misco.co.uk/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=144797&am...

Failing that, you should be able to get an original replacement from the USA. The Targa range were sold more extensively there. They were mostly sold here as a loss leader by Lidl supermarkets. Try searching for ‘UPS targa laptop’ in Google but don’t confine the search to the UK. Obviously the postage might be a problem though.

Supplement from 11/04/2007 06:21pm:

Having set me off browsing through the Misco and Novatech Websites, I found that Misco have a special site to identify the replacement power supplies (and batteries) for laptops. Just enter your laptop model on this link:

Bye-the-way, can you stop asking this type of question … it’s costing me a fortune. Last time, once I was looking through the Novatech website, I ended up spending about £500 and this time I’ve found something in Misco for £130 that I know I’ll be ordering before the day is over!

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Babybio77 answers:

Hubby has just had to get me a new power supply for my laptop as the connector broke. He went back to the company that sold him the laptop and actually spoke to one of the reps by phone to see if it was possible to buy the charger without the laptop. They had one in stock for £35 so (fingers crossed) I'll be able to use my laptop again tonight - been without for a whole week and a day and starting to suffer withdrawal symptoms now :-(

Supplement from 11/05/2007 01:23pm:

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