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DAB Digital Radio
I really want a portable(hand-held)
DAB digital radio, but which one do I get??
asked in radio, DAB, digital

red-rover answers:

I've had 3 that went awry after a short time: Ferguson, Pure and Matsui, so won't be buying from them again. Just go for one that catches your eye: I'd get a Sony personally.

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icarusinflight_Yes answers:

Apparently there have been problems with DAB as some radio stations cut down on their bandwidth and therefore the quality of their sound to save money and cram in as many useless radio channels as possible. ?

My humble advice is to stick with analogue radio as long as possible to save dumping perfectly good radios being dumped into landfill.

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bikeman answers:

I have a DAB radio in my car, the sound quality is a bit better, but it still loses the signal when I drive around in some areas, personally, I'd get a MP3 player instead & then you have your own choice of music without any talking

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