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Has humanity lost it's caring nature when a cancer striken young girl is given threats on her interent diary blog?
http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homep age/news/article477975.ece copy
asked in caring, humanity, threats

rainchild answers:

Unfortunately people can get away with anything on the internet, and love to explore their baser side online. So horrific that it had to happen to this little girl. I can understand that her blog meant a lot to her, shame it had to be publicized on TV. That's how all this happened. The people taunting her knew that saying these things to this innocent little cancer-battler would create maximum reaction, and since she was already on the news they would be too. That's all they wanted. No thought for what they were doing to the child. So immature it makes me despair for us.

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CGA answers:

I saw this news item and, even though I am old and cynical, I was shocked. How could anyone do this and what was their motivation?

The only thing I can hope is that the silent good caring people out there way outnumber the sick minded individuals that do something like this.

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Family.Guy answers:

I see this on the news I think when they catch these people they should do to them what they said they wanted to do to the little girl, that to me would be justice.

Although it is a sick thing to do I cant help but think there is something a bit suspicious about it, Could it just be a sick publicity stunt to promote that anti cyber bullying ?

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