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Has anyone noticed a change in their plums recently?
The ones we've been buying from the supermarket in recent weeks don't seem to taste of much - they're just bland. They used to be juicy and full of flavour. What's happening?
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Neko2 answers:

It's because we're importing plum, we're getting the varieties that travel well, rather than taste nice and juicy. People would have smooth, firm plums than wrinkly, floppy ones.

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Candy.DeRun answers:

I've just checked mine and they feel as good as ever.
Maybe it's thanks to my relocation to this part of Spain that has kept them in prime condition.

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xoloriib answers:

As long as nobody threatens to skewer them they're fine. :-Q

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mercman99 answers:

Depends where they are from.After this summer the fruit grown in the UK had enough water to fill the fruit out but due to the lack of sunshine not much in the way of sugars were formed in the fruit itself to give a nice sweet flavour.

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