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Should I do this?
I got suspended from university for one year and I need to maintain a 95% average in 4 courses when I get back, otherwise I get suspended from university for 3 years. (It's it's because I wasn't trying very hard...) so I thought I could switch my major from english to chemistry (where's it's possible to get a 100% average) [my mother had 100% in university chemistry]
I want to go back to highschool to take grade 11 and 12 chemistry but my parents will not let me quit my job. I got fired from 4 jobs this summer and they believe that if I leave this job I will NEVER for the remaining 30 yrs of my life find another. I do nothing at my current job except surf the net for 8 hours a day and the only reason my boss hired me is because he wants to please my mother. If she leaves the company, my boss will have to declare bankruptcy.
I thought I could live in a homeless shelter, and eat at a food bank and just study full time, and try to maintain a 98% average in my four high school courses and maybe donate $20 000 to charity when I get back on my feet and am fully employed. I have 5 hours to make a decision because school registration ends at 7:00 p.m. tonight.

I could take the 5 mile drive to the foodbank every month and collect a month's supply of food... 9 times out of 10 the bus driver will mistake my student card for a U pass and let me ride the bus for free. I have $330 dollars in my bank account, and $120 dollars will go towards the course registration fee... which means I have $210 dollars to last me for 3 months...
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englishdanny answers:

Hello, Please try to calm down although I understand the problems we all face.

You need to take stock of your situation. You may find others that share similar problems and working together will always give you a greater chance of success than competing alone.

Sincerely hope this helps

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her_nextdoor answers:

All seems a bit disjointed to me ... your mother got chemistry so why does it follow that you do?; you've only got 30 years to live?; you don't seem to be able to hold down a job and only doing this one because you're forced to?; the business will go bankrupt if your mother leaves??; you want to donate 20,000 dollars that you haven't got and you can't decide what to do? Seems to me that you need to do what any other student has to do, study hard and get a part-time job.

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moonzero2 answers:

If Uni is not the route for you,(and that seems the case). Why not consider a vocational course in a trade such as plumbing or plastering etc.

Enjoying what you do even if it is not a glamourous job is important. you could always take a night course in the subject while working.

It all depends on wether you have the drive to be independent.

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