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How far is too far for freedom of speech
After the demonstrations at the Oxford Union earlier in the week http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/englan d/oxfordshire/7103350.stm copy
How far is too far, with regards to opinions and beliefs. What would you ban/censure
asked in political opinion, freedom of speech, rights

rainchild answers:

Once it infringes on the rights of others.

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moonzero2 answers:

The americans for once have it right with this subject, providing you do not incite violence or hatred against another, you can espouse any opinion.

I think these groups are better out in the open, rather than being driven underground.

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Neko2 answers:

I think everybody should be free to say what they like, as long as they say it without depending on the protection of the society if they are preaching hatred. If they want the freedom to express their nastiness, others should have the freedom to respond accordingly.

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hdtg answers:

I do not believe it is right to censor a persons right to speach, you dont have to listen or agree with anyone and people do not stop having ideas you dont like just because you deny them a legal public forum.
When you ban speech on any issue you force extremists underground and feed their sense of persecution.
And most importantly what is seen as acceptable today may not be so tommorrow. On this site we enjoy a freedom to discuss many issues which may not be seen as desirable by our goverment. If you legislate against one group it becomes easier to legislate against others. It is a small step to forbiding critisim of goverment for example.
I beleive everone has a right to be heard and its one of the most important rights we have.

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osbertonbowls answers:

There should be no restrictions as to what a person says, with the proviso that if their words are likely to incite criminal acts,such as,injury death,or injustice to persons, damage to property,or reputations causing financial loss, then they should be held to account.

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