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Does anyone else have the same problem as I have, that I sometimes can't answer a question becaue I can't be honest as well as being politically correct?
I have quite strong opinions about some recent questions and would have liked to answer them but am afraid I might upset someone by voicing my opinions.
asked in political correctness, freedom of speech

CGA answers:

I think that, providing you are not abusive (and I am sure you would not be that), then we should all be grown up enough to accept opinions that are different to our own.

I would would much rather see a reasoned opinion from someone who is opposed to conventional wisdom than a bland statement from someone taking the common line.

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Neko2 answers:

If you are asked to give an opinion, then you should go for it. You should consider whether the person who asked the question will rate impartially. All too often we see people asking loaded questions, then rating good answers "unhelpful," because the poster expressed view that are different from their own.

As far as I am concerned, this is a form of abuse, and there is nothing that you can do about it. If you suspect that you will be penalised, just for expressing your point of view, then don't post. However, you will never find out who is impartial, and who is just using the site as a vehicle to further their own views, rather than seeking healthy debate.

If your opinions provoke hostility, which I doubt would happen, then you can report any ill treatment you receive to the mods. I'm sure they would deal with it promptly.

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Poindexter answers:

Only the other time when that question about the Polish car pool came up.

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vultan answers:

If you're planning to use the 'n' word to describe a black person, or to deny that the Holocaust happneed, then probably best if you keep quiet. Otherwise, let rip.

Why 'freedom of speech' as a tag, though? People all too often use 'political correctness' as a lazy, pejorative term to write off any opinions that disagree with their own - the clear implication being that people who disagree with their opinions aren't genuine, they're just doing it to be 'pc'. If someone expresses an opinion you disagree with then argue your case - don't just call them 'politically correct' and expect that to end the discussion. No one is hampering anyone's freedom of speech just by expressing an opinion.

And if people rate you unhelpful just for expressing an opinion they disagree with then they are clearly fools. I blacklist such people, but there's no Lycos-approved method of dealing with them, unfortunately.

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rainchild answers:

I agree with everyone above. Just say what you think. It's good to present all sides and get everyone thinking. I'm sure those of the opposite opinion will debate you respectfully, and you can do the same back, and hopefully both sides will learn something about why the other side thinks the way they do.

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duffield1 answers:

Honestly, I don't have any problem with expressing views because of political correctness!

As I see it, if I am not being deliberately offensive to anyone - and taking into account the sensibilities of people I am talking about - then I am not overstepping the PC guidelines. That doesn't mean that I am not out to offend people - if I believe a concept is ridiculous, I will say so, but that doesn't mean disrespecting people.

To my mind, the people who generally fall foul of the PC rules are the ones who, usually unknowlingly, perpetuate erroneous stereotypes, judging everyone by the standards of a single person or small group. For example, "I've got nothing against gay men, but why do they all insist on playing Gloria Gaynor at full blast?" or "Why are all muslims extremists?" - these type of comments show up more about the ignorance of the person saying them, and show a lack of understanding about the truth of the situation. That's not being un-PC, that's being ignorant.

To me, being un-PC is more about stereotyping and labelling than it is about holding genuine views.

Of course, there are some PC extremists, who ban mention of religious festivals for fear of upsetting people of other religions - they take the idea of political correctness way too far. Being PC is about showing respect for the feelings of others, not about refusing to acknolwedge that something exists just because someone might take offence.

So, feel free to answer away. But if you think you are being criticised for being un-PC, just check to see if your comments are relying on particular stereotypes or ignorance before clicking on the 'submit' button.

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P-Kasso answers:

'Politically correct' is a stupid concept in itself - an invented phrase which seems to think it represents what should be a Universal Truth.

Unfortunately, even many previously accepted Universal Truths change from generation to generation (such as the Earth is flat and supported on four elephants, and the Sun goes round the Earth, and Evolution is wrong - we are all descended from God etc etc).

So, what was politically correct yesterday may be/possibly will be politically incorrect and totally invalidated tomorrow - but that is not something that seems to have ever crossed the minds of the people who bang on so much about political correctness.

My opinion is that PC is an rather immature response to situations that mature people do not need. Healthy debate suddenly becomes unhealthy if labelled not PC.

So I say you should voice your views (unless they are deliberately meant to be hurtful rather than helpful).

Just as censorship is abhorrent, so too is self-censorship.

Just carry on as you are, Missus! Now how's that for being PC?

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funrunna answers:

Is Pc a commandment even? Just go for it... One can only be hung once and surely, others would jump to our defence on behalf of sanity!

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sheps101 answers:

yes I have felt like this and sometimes I don't let it stop me but other times I try to put up a well rounded opinion covering both sides of the topic. That way both sides of the topic get aired.

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mikey33 answers:

to be honest i have to bite my tongue when it comes to questions on here all the time, i would love to be able to air my real views on a number of things but it would result in my instant dismissal !!!!

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red-rover answers:

Yes, I agree with you. It is a minefield, trying to avoid coming across as politically - incorrect.

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Hiheels answers:

Go for it Mrs Too, you're eloquent enough not to have to fall back on abusive language and that's about the only thing that people can sensibly take issue with, that and personal attacks.

We're all grown ups and long enough in the tooth to know not everyone agrees.

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