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Is it really possible to eat to boost your brain power?
http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homep age/woman/health/article290892.ec e copy
asked in brains, intelligence, food

imfeduptoo answers:

It's supposed to be true and isn't at all a new idea.
For as long as I can remember it's been said that certain foods are good for the brain.
If you google 'brain food' you'll see pages of foods that are supposed to boost your brain power - everything from cinnamon to chinese food.
At some point nearly every natural food has been said to boost the brain so I think we should all take it with a pinch of salt; just avoiding processed food and having a varied diet is probably all we need to do.

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Poindexter answers:

If you "eat properly" then no.
Eating to boost your [intelligence, sex life, whatever] is like trying to make your car go faster by putting twice as much petrol in the tank -- it won't work as the excess nutrients will be discharged.

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