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Are there any 2007 New Years resolutions that you have actually kept all year?
Did you actually lose weight and keep it off? Did you actually save some money? Did you contact that long-lost friend? Did you actually break that bad habit (whatever it was)? Or was this year like all the others?
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Topaz2308 answers:

This year was exactly like all others and I failed my "will lose weight" one by about the 14th January. I did manage 2 weeks so it is some what of a record and I managed several months of the "I shall give up the demon drink" one though.

They all take copious amounts of willpower and determination which seems all well and good at midnight on 01.01.07 but in the cold light of day you have to really want to change.

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sheps101 answers:

I kept all of them as I never made any :O) If I do ever make my resolutions on mid summers day as I find the positivity from the summer means they are easier to keep. This year I made none so the year was not in that sense like any other, but I simply have not had the time.

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maybe.baby111 answers:

I didn't keep it all year but I did manage to do it eventually. I decided to stop smoking during 2007 and have finally succeeded but it was in the 2nd half of the year. Does that count?

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guest25011 answers:

My New Year resolution was to stop contact with a nasty person for good and I have kept to it!!

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charmling answers:

Just the one - never to make New Year delusions again. I don't think I've ever managed to keep any.

Although, having said that, sometime in January last year, a bunch of us wrote a wish list of things we would like to achieve in that year and sealed them in envelopes, to be opened the following year. I put all of them somewhere safe in my place. God only knows where I've hidden them though!

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