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Do you listen to internet radio?
We listen to it all the time when we are at home, and I am always after new stations but there is so many to choose from.

Can you recommend any stations?
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Timdawg answers:

No DJs or chat, but I like Q Radio because it plays a wide range of music. Keeps me going when I'm doing mapping and the like at work.


just click on the 'radio' button.

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guest25011 answers:

I do but I doubt anyone here would like it!! lol!! But give it a go if you like modern garage, old skool garage, dance, drum n bass etc!


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Poindexter answers:

Only talk radio such as Auntie Beeb's World and Home Service (BBC 4), NPR, France Info, Radio Bavaria, Israel National News, and religiously Dad's Army on BBC7 every Friday.
If you're into English-language talk radio check you might want to check out NPR.
Iran has an interesting international program but unfortunately it's not online.
I also have an inclination for army radio such as AFN and BFBS.
You didn't ask but I would like to take the occasion to plug the radio softwares RaimaRadio and phonostar, both free and available for Windows.

Supplement from 12/13/2007 08:48pm:

Or why not try http://www.dw-world.de/

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red-rover answers:

bbc7 is great. I used to like talksport, but there are too many annoying ads and too much accent on football - and golf. I mean, golf on the radio? And cricket? They're boring enough with pictures: 'There goes Tiger Woods... moving up the fairway. There's a stiff south-easterly breeze...he acknowledges the crowd...blah blah blah.'


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Darkren answers:

Not exactly. I used to live in Rochester, NY, and I really enjoyed the radio station 98.9 The Buzz. Once they started broadcasting on the internet, I started listening in regularly.

Otherwise, I listen to my own music.

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