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do you have any faith in people completing NVQs/SVQs when you realise they've had most of their coursework posted on sites like this?
i'm beginning to wonder if anyone who isn't made to sit a final exam without their notes is actually "qualified" at all. it throws a whole heap of doubt upon their abilities, IMHO.
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tracieboo answers:

It's no different to looking it up in a book. But i have to say, when it is something that just needs a bit of common sense i do wonder....

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soft.centre answers:

I couldn't agree more. It also makes this site less than fascinating!

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reactivated answers:

No i do not. Thats why they have NVQ`s for people to knuckle down and learn, not "cheating" by asking for the answers. I am doing NVQ`s in Reptile care,(have to by law.) Not once have i resorted to asking on here or any other site. If i did and made a mistake,it means The Herp`s lives are put at risk, because of "Wrong Answers/Advice." Pity any-one who is going to be under the questioners care, They are at Risk same as Retiles that we handle. But with Reptiles, we are more at risk of being put in danger by them, than we are to them, apart from the tame ones. (I.E. L/Geckos ect.) Wonder if the questioner like to try and handle our new addition, Largest snake in the world. A Anaconda.

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Neko2 answers:

No, I have no faith in people with these qualifications, which is a crying shame. I believe that there are many students who will do their best, and not subscribe to the copy and paste school of study. However, people who want the answers handed to them on a plate, so they can submit it as an assignment undermine the genuine learners.

I don't think exam conditions suit many people, and they don't reflect understanding, or the ability to apply knowledge in a useful way, in a real life situation. Truith be told, I think that exams only show the ability to rote learn dry facts, and regurgitate them on demand, much of the time.

There are alternative methods of assessment, especially for more vocational subjects. Sadly, these are more expensive and manpower intensive.

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Topaz2308 answers:

It has actually made me start to question whether or not to use such places as we seem to be getting questions from because I actually wonder if I know more than them. It is quite disconcerting really to think they want us to give them the answers yet they have the access to the coursework books we don't.

Common sense questions they also seem to need answers on worries me immensely as if they can't answer them themselves what hope do they have in the big wide world. We won't be there to answer petty questions when they have to work for a living so however will they cope.

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wumpus answers:

I have very little faith in qualifications any more.

When I did my GCEs, the average student got 3 'O' levels, grade 'C' or above. Grades D/E/F were all fails.
The grades were normalised, so if the paper was particularly easy or hard, the results moved to compensate for that.

This government has set out its intention to have 60% of the population with a degree. To me, that suggests a modern degree is worth less than three GCE 'O' levels.

If you don't mind me veering slightly off-topic a little, it also means that the smartest 60% of the population will graduate with a serious debt to the government. And people wonder where the "credit" lifestyle comes from?
Also, a cynic might argue that student debt is an effective method of preventing the brain drain.

OK, rant over. You can all come out now.

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Aiming4777 answers:

I have commented about this in the past. It troubles me greatly. Especially as a lot of NVQs are true vocational qualification so the course work and practical experiances are the most important part.

I can understand somebody who is stuck on one question but it is clear that often the whole set of questions for an assignment are asked here, or other Websites. I recently searched for the answer to one of the questions asked and another Website had all twenty questions listed including three or four others that had been asked in here.

Like Topaz, I'm especially concerned about questions like "why should you make customers satisfied" and such like ... these are just need common sense. One problem is that now-a-days people can't just do a job without having to do the NVQ. Like the people helping out in our local church play group have to take an NVQ in child care ... some have left after years of useful work as they don't want the hassle.

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funrunna answers:

As an NVQ assessor... I'm not at all bothered by learners asking questions on here. Primarily, because the answers to written questions within the standards themselves are, only one part of a whole process!

My job. Is to satisfy myself that (A) The Q's are completed and (B) That I randomly select from those answers given and ask the student to "explain" those answers. The purpose being obvious, to check the said learners true "understanding" of the subject... I might or might not, then accept the original answer as valid or. Ask the student to provide additional evidence to meet whatever requirement necessary.

Professionals personally know the learners in their charge and, It is very easy to spot anomalies of style, presentation, lingo etc. Which would identify/highlight work, as not being original!

Whilst, I do not answer questions on this or any other site which are NVQ related. I do advise candidates, of the "pitfalls" re; seeking answers, within such a forum as this.

Finally. As to "dunbing-down" qualifications... Whether academic or vocational only. There will always be the scope for cheating. This has always been the case but, It is the job of those of us involved with the learning proscess, to eliminate any potential for this and I can assure anyone critiquing this subject, that, systems are in place to weed-out such activity.

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