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Whats your New Years resolution ?

asked in New, Years, Resolutions

KentPDG answers:

Just stay the course. Nothing new, only continuing the efforts I have long since begun. And bit by bit, piece by piece, I make progress on long-standing projects and needs.

All I have to do is live long enough, and eventually everything will be accomplished.

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blacksmith81 answers:

Many years ago I resolved not to make New Year's Resolutions; the only one that I have ever managed to keep.

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red-rover answers:

To resolve my swallowing problem, which is down to stress.

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CGA answers:

To spend less time in front of a computer and more with people living life.

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tracieboo answers:

Never to make a news years resolution as i never stick to them. As happens to most of the population that make them, only 1 in 10 will stick with it!

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NoisyParrot answers:

read my avatar ;o)

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parsley76 answers:

Just made it now in response to this question.
Read more.
I love reading though I feel I don't read enough.

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Chris-NI answers:

I never make any.

If a resolution is worth making then why wait for New Year? Do it now.

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hdtg answers:

Sorry im so late I have been away, I resolved to improve one thing each day.

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