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Why will my laptop not switch on?
The other night I switched my laptop off and when I when to switch it on the nextt day nothing happened. The light show power is getting to it but nothing happens when I press the on button. Any ideas about what has happened?
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funrunna answers:

Assuming the battery pack is fully charged!

If you can't hear device activity (harddrive,floppy, CDrom etc.) It's most likely to be a failed supply voltage from the Power Supply Unit (PSU) The 12volt line is my first suspect as this is the main "feed" to the above devices.

The 5volt line in short provides "feed" mainly for data reading writing within these devices, as well as, for the general "chit-chat" along the CPU and support chips. More often than not. Things like light emmitting diodes (LED's) or status lights on PC's and laptops, are powered from the 5v supply too and, you say the power light comes on...

Do you have access to a multi-meter (ohm-meter)? for diagnostics purposes?

I appreciate this isn't a comprehensive answer but I hope it provides a starting place. As I don't know your skill level in electronics!

Personally I'd start by checking that the PSU is charging the battery correctly and work inward from there.

BTW... Will the machine power correctly from the mains power feed (not battery power)?

Supplement from 01/05/2008 01:28pm:

I'm inclined to rule out mechanical breakdown of the power switch, since the led is usually routed as part of the power circuitry!

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wumpus answers:

Try powering it on with the Insert key held down.
This (on AMI bios and possibly others) is used to clean the non-volatile memory, which could have got scrambled if the lithium battery on the mainboard is getting low.

Once you've done this, you will need to reset the BIOS settings, but that isn't difficult to do.

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xoloriib answers:

Can you run it with the battery removed?
It's a good idea to run the battery down completely [or close to it] occasionally : this will prevent battery 'memory'.
Do you have a spare battery and / or PSU to try?
Have you had any sudden mains voltage drops recently? This can ruin a PSU.

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