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What does 'Quadrimus invecta expedia' mean?

Supplement from 01/06/2008 05:47pm:
I think there's a mistake [not mine] and instead it should be
Quad risus in vecta ex pedia

asked in phrase, Latin, translate

blacksmith81 answers:

Four-horse team invective I shall unfold


Supplement from 01/06/2008 05:01pm:

very possibly a term of abuse, referring to the common viewpoint when driving a team of horses.

Supplement from 01/06/2008 05:06pm:

However this is purely a 'machine translation', thus it may not be entirely accurate.

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funrunna answers:

In essence... To unpack (spread out) in terms of a four horse team and gain the most power in terms of energy!

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KentPDG answers:

No, in modern usage it means "Invest in four airplane tickets at Expedia.com".

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