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How on earth did Peter Hain manage to get £105,000 donated to his campaign and more importantly what were those who donated after?
No one is going to give much money to someone who came 5th out of 6 in the Labour deputy leadership campaign unless they are after something - what on earth could it be and how many others have their snouts in the trough?
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Timdawg answers:

"The BBC's political editor Nick Robinson said it was clear Mr Hain's team had spent so much money that even after the contest ended they had to raise £70,000 for a campaign he had already lost."

My cynical guess is that the donators wanted a 'sympathetic' ear at some point in the future, and bailing him out would give them exactly that.


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vultan answers:

They wanted influence with Peter Hain - even though he didn't get to be deputy leader, he was (and is) still a government front bencher. It wasn't one donor as far as we know, it was several - funding his campaign is just dodgy lobbying under another guise.

As for him coming 5th out of 6, I don't think anyone could have predicted that. The election was impossible to call (except that the token leftie wasn't going to get it). I'd have been far less surprised if Hain had got it than Harriet Harman. At least Hain acts like he has a personality/mind of his own.

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