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should my ip routing be enable?
I have a laptop and notebook and am trying to get a wireless connection, already have ip, subnet, but the more info i put in the more they ask for.
asked in laptop

siasl74 answers:

If you're connecting the computers to a router, then you need to configure a local area network on the router for you to use. The standard one to use is 192.168.0.x (where x will vary for each computer you add to the network, and typically x=1 denotes the router itself). The router should have DHCP enabled, and then on each of the computers you can use the option to "obtain automatically" in the settings for ip address, default gateway (or you can put for that one) and DNS server.

Your router should get the DNS server from the internet connection to your ISP - this should also be automatic, although there are alternatives available to the public if you don't want to be tied to them.

Subnet mask in the above would be I can't think of any other numbers you'd need.

As a recommendation for securing your wireless network, read up on WPA encryption and MAC address filtering for your router.

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