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Do you think that HiHeels is a genius?

asked in members, brains, genius

jacquesdor answers:


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Russel.West answers:

I think anyone who can use hi heels and not come off badly is a genius!

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hdtg answers:

Of course, but what does the lady herself think about the subject or even yourself Mr DeRun?

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Aiming4777 answers:

Yes, but who cares with legs like that!

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beeper_spryte answers:

of course she is. she's female.

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guest25011 answers:

Of course she is!

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funrunna answers:

Second only to me!

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Moon-Struck answers:

Genius or gonzo - a hairline or a stiletto heel...

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jeannebaxter answers:

Naturally, we think alike.

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agentju90 answers:

i think she is verywise.

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