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What are the laws concerning freedom of speech in the UK?
A quote from the Danish prime minister

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Prime Minister, said: "Unfortunately... there are in Denmark groups of extremists that do not acknowledge and respect the principles on which Danish democracy is built. In Denmark, we have freedom not only to think and talk, but also to draw."

http://www.independent.co.uk/news /europe/three-arrested-for-plot-t o-kill-mohamed... copy

Does British law cover the right to draw?
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siasl74 answers:

It's not wholly free - there is now a crime on the statutes regarding speech used to incite racial/religious/<insert other discriminatory practice here> hatred.

Also, I seem to recall that our libel laws mean that if you publicly state stuff, you should be able to justify it.

I would imagine "speech" is probably defined as any form of communication, which would include cartoons, although a lot will depend on context and interpretation, which is a legal minefield.

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vultan answers:

We have no guaranteed right to free speech enshrined in law as they do in other countries. Our libel laws are notably a lot stricter than in other countries - this leads to people suing authors in London for books that are published in America because they will be much, much more likely to win (David Irving is one high profile person who tried it and lost).

There was apparently an episode of South Park which claimed that Scientology is a fraud and jokingly made some claims about Tom Cruise and John Travolta's sexuality. This episode can never be broadcast in the UK because our libel laws are a lot stricter. That's a cartoon, so evidently there's no right to draw covered in British law.

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