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Siasl74 has gone all Bertie!
Who'd like to join queue to congratulate him?

Well done that man!
asked in IQ, people, einstein

Topaz2308 answers:

Congratulations Siasl you really do deserve it.

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Messerwisser answers:

Well done!!!

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Hiheels answers:

Yep, I'll join that queue...congrats.

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Theminxy1 answers:

Well done Geezer. Congratulations !! :-)

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vultan answers:

I'm a moderator, I get to jump to the head of the line, OK?

Well done siasl.

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blacksmith81 answers:

Congratulations, well done

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duffield1 answers:

Nice one, Mr Siasl!

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beeper_spryte answers:

well done! thought it wouldn't be long :D

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Alba726 answers:

Congrats to yet another one! Bravo!

Supplement from 02/15/2008 01:14pm:


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Timdawg answers:

Don't pass out at that giddy height!

Well done!!!!!!

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agentju90 answers:

exelent. well done.

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Family.Guy answers:

Well done that man !!

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tracieboo answers:

Well done!

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hdtg answers:


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jacquesdor answers:

Include me in. Congratulations and very well done.

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imfeduptoo answers:

Excellent. Congratulations.

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xoloriib answers:


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sheps101 answers:

Many congrats on you much deserved now rank.

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