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Can you configure different applications on a PC to default to different directories when opening and saving?
Applications always default to 'My Documents' but I'd like my mapping application to default to a different location.
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duffield1 answers:

Certainly, in Office 2007 you can, by clicking on the funny windows button, then selecting the 'Options' button.

Not sure about other software, though...

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xoloriib answers:

Depends on your confidence at altering the register but it is possible.

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johncurrandavis answers:

It seems strange that the software does this anyway. Most applications default to the location of the last item saved. So I'd have thought all you have to do is "Save As", select the location you want, and Bob's your uncle.

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siasl74 answers:

Some applications have an option (e.g. Firefox has a downloads directory), others will remember the last place used, others will default to a preset (and unchangeable) location

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wumpus answers:

Some (mainly older) applications use the "start in" folder to store their data. You can change this by adjusting the properties for the main executable.

Things like Office can be changed, using the options within the program.

Failing that, could you set up a shortcut and save your stuff via that?
Equivalent to a Unix directory link.

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Mark-lycos answers:

When you load software on to your computer, you are always asked where you want to save the program. The properties of the desktop icon will always direct you to wherever you hav e saved it - look under general. You can always drag and drop previously installed programs from one volume to anothe or indeed an external disk should you have one.

For various security reasons, I install my programs and documents on remote hard drives, and provided these drives are switched on, there is no problem with access.

Hope this helps with your problem - if not give me another note.


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